WAC Prom Race for March 30th.

Started as a nice evening for a run, but then turned into more of a ‘damp squid’.

The wind on the last return leg was harder for most, but there were still a hardy 154 Seniors and 19 Juniors putting up with it all on the night.

Another close finish for the top two runners home in the Senior Race, this time won by Andrew Drake and Weston’s own Kieron Summers still in fine form, second overall and both MV40’s.

Well done again to all the Junior runners, with Stan Barker running from the front in the One Mile distance finishing in a very good time of 5:17, with the first female Amelia Hunter coming in 5th overall and a great time of 6:37. Both so close to their last Prom times.
Harriet Hobbs pushed hard, yet as always graciously thanking the Marshalls around her.
Well done also to Holly Stafford who posted a very respectable One Mile time, managing to keep moving throughout her amazing effort.

Thank you to all the organisers and marshals at tonight’s prom. There is a Get Better Soon message for our Race Director Sheryl as well.

The message from last prom was that on a positive note the next prom will not be in the dark.
(it might still be damp and windy but it will be lighter at least) – How True that was!

Congratulations to all finishers, hoped you all enjoyed the experience and continue to achieve PBs, whether by time, position or just finishing.

Well Done to you all for your great efforts.

All results can be now be found via our partners ‘Split Second Timing’ Website

Senior Results

Junior 1 Mile Results

Hope you all enjoyed the events of the evening.

Please use the Form below for any issues with the results.

Thank you.

Race Organiser: Jim Wotton