Welcome into 2023 with WAC Prom Race for January 5th.

This is the first of the re-arranged Prom Races from October and November 2022.

Not so cold as last December’s race, yet more  great achievements from all runners. It was a privilege to see so much effort from Juniors to Seniors alike.

Kieron Summers taking his first win in Prom Races,  and many of the WAC club members and other clubs using thier races to help others racing too, all focused their efforts on helping ofthers achive their goals in the race.

The organisers massively appreciate everyone’s efforts from Marshalls to runners in making these races happen and successful..

Another great effort all round by everyone to hold the race and sprightly step into the New Year for the 151 finishers and 28 hardy juniors doing the mile.

Congratulations to all finishers, hoped you all enjoyed the experience and continue to achieve PBs, whether by time, position or just finishing.
Well Done to you all for your great efforts.

All results can be now be found via our partners ‘Split Second Timing’ Website

Senior Results

Junior 1 Mile Results

Hope you all enjoyed the events of the evening.

Please use the Form below for any issues with the results.

Thank you.

Race Organiser: Jim Wotton