WAC Prom Race for January 19th, second race of the month to ‘avoid the See Monster’!🥶

A bitterly cold night (3° C),  but this did not deter the 215 Seniors and 17 Juniors to achieve even more great results.

From the blistering winning time of 25:15 for Weston AC’s own Chris McMillan to the final runner Lyndsey Clifford in an improving time of 1:00:33 along with her colleague as Last Runner Marshall, Shan McCarthy.

The Juniors were also a hardy lot and some impressive results, not least from the first Male and Female James Topham and a spirited Lois Pole in the 7-11’s and a blistering time for the younger Edward Salter in under 6 minutes for the mile races.

Even the final runner Holly Stafford was impressive in completing the Junior Mile distance.

It was, as always a privilege to see so much effort from Juniors to Seniors alike.

The organisers massively appreciate the Marshalls braving the cold to stand and cheer for the efforts from all involved.

Congratulations to all finishers, hoped you all enjoyed the experience and continue to achieve PBs, whether by time, position or just finishing.
Well Done to you all for your great efforts.

All results can be now be found via our partners ‘Split Second Timing’ Website

Senior Results

Junior 1 Mile Results

Hope you all enjoyed the events of the evening.

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Thank you.

Race Organiser: Jim Wotton