Weston Athletic Club
Life Membership Awarded

Current List of Honoured Members since the clubs origins in 1979 as of 2023.

Dave Jones: Founder Member & President 1990
Keith Lee: Ex Chairman 1996
Phil Williams: Ex Manager 2004
Ian Carpenter: Vice President 2009
Roger Hart: Ex Race Organiser 2009
Steve Baxter: Ex Chairman 2014
Andy Salter: Long Serving 2014
Jim White: Ex Race Organiser 2015
Geraldine Hope: Treasurer 2018
Paul Snelling: Committee & Social 2018
Jim Wotton: Chairman, Race Director & Manager 2018
Malcolm Gammon: Race Director 2022
Liz Green: Committees & Long Service.

Life Membership —Merit Awarded on the following guidelines.
1. At least 20 years of fully paid-up membership.
2. Contributed to Club activities as Officer, Organiser, Coach, Executive Committee,
Race Director/Organiser and Welfare Duties for a period of at least 7 years.
3. With proposal of the President, the Life Members and approval of the Executive