We have now set up the second virtual challenge using the Open Track platform.

Our challenge is to complete a 1 mile run to support the 2.6 campaign that you will have seen announced in connection with the London marathon postponement recently.

The challenge is free for all WAC members to take part in with a suggested minimum donation of £2 to Weston Hospicecare, our chosen charity.

Run 1 mile on a course chosen by you any time between 13/5/20 and 20:00 on the 24/5/20.

Your run should be completed solo and take notice of the applicable government restrictions. Please make sure that you maintain social distancing and give priority to pedestrians and members of the public.

Please choose a course for your safety considering: location, road crossings, surface etc. and consider the time of day that you intend to run to limit disruption to others.

Please choose a course with the start and finish close together if possible – max 2 loops. If you choose a point to point course please try to make sure that the start and finish are at the same elevation. If you do choose a point to point course a penalty may be applied for any elevation drop or favourable wind conditions.

Results will be issued on an outright time basis. The result will also go towards a team challenge with the times of the first 4 members of a team being added together.

Please enter the race as described below. Please can the captain from each team let me know the 4 (or more) members of your team so that we can add to your entry.

Please submit your 1 mile Garmin or Strava segment record to the Open Track system by 20:59 on 24/5. Detailed instructions on how to submit your result are on the Open Track site.

To register for the event go to www.Opentrack.run. You will need to look under Virtual and Competitions where you will find the WAC 1 mile Challenge dated 12 to 24 May 2020. You will need to register with Open Track before entering if you have not already done this.