Monday 22nd January is the start date for the generic training plan for Cheddar Triathlon sprint and super sprint.
The plan is not personalised and will provide athletes with suggested workouts which should be self-explantory.
I will aim to post the weekly programme on Sunday evening.
Weeks 1 – 4 these weeks will be used to ‘prepare your body to train’ laying down a good foundation (base). During this time you will:
  • build your aerobic endurance with easy, aerobic workouts
  • improve your technique (Wednesday swim sessions), being aware of your form in all workouts
  • build strength, think about strength & conditioning exercises, great for improving all round fitness. Exercises are accessible via British Triathlon website (if you are a member) alternatively you will find plenty of information via internet
There will be bike/run sessions running at the weekend closer to the event. Dates for this TBC

Any questions please message WAC Triathlon