During these troubled times you would like to think everyone would be looking out for each other but unfortunately at the weekend a lady runner was subjected to harassment and verbal abuse whilst running in a country lane in the Weston area.

A vehicle with 3 males slowed down and followed the runner for a time, after verbally harassing her they stopped in front blocking the route. Luckily thanks to taking a calm approach and running round the back of the vehicle and quickly reaching a more populated area no physical harm was done but it must have been a very unnerving episode to experience.

The runner in question is fine but has asked me to warn you that unfortunately there are these people around and about the advice received from the police office that the incident was reported to.

The officer advised that, if you are nervous or concerned about running alone when taking your daily exercise, it would be a completely acceptable reason for running with one other person (not of your household) as long as current social distancing rules are observed.

You should not need to but unfortunately you also need to think about: where you are going to run, what time of day, who knows where you are going and when you expect to be back. You should also take a fully charged phone with you.