Nick Cook, our long serving and hard working Running Coach and Leader,  has now completed his Level 2 Triathlon Coach accreditation.
 Along with Nick’s other titles (CiRF – Coach in Running Fitness (Athletics Coach), Leadership in Running Fitness (Leader) [and sometimes training ‘beast’], we can now add 1st 4 Sport Level 2 Triathlon Coach qualification.
The course covered  50 guided learning hours and 110 total qualification hours, allowing Nick to now plan, deliver, and evaluate a series of linked and progressive triathlon coaching sessions independently, and work as part of WAC’s larger and growing Triathlon coaching team, along with all the other hard working coaching colleagues in the Running Team.
👏Well done Nick, and we know it took a lot of work on top of the time and effort to do the CIRF in the past as well as all your own Triathlon eventing and training. 👏