Here are the key points for exercising under the current lockdown:

Training Outdoors

* You should minimise time spent outside your home.
* You can continue to exercise alone, with one other person or with your household support bubble if you are legally permitted to form one.
* Exercise outdoors should be limited to once per day.
* You should not travel outside your local area to exercise.
* You should maintain social distancing.
* Virtual training sessions can be delivered by qualified coaches.
* Usual WAC sessions are not permitted currently.

This includes but is not limited to running, cycling, walking, and swimming. Personal training can continue if participants are from the same household or support bubble. It can also continue if it is one-on-one, although this should only take place in a public outdoor place, and not in someone’s private home or garden.

Please see the following links for more detailed information on current restrictions in place