On Thursday April 1st you will have received email notification from us about your membership renewal from 1st April with the cost remaining at £20 for the club membership £15 for EA affiliation. So far, we have had 80 renewals, please can you try to find 5 minutes to renew your membership soon as it makes it much easier for everybody involved if we can get them all done at the same time.

Some new members have commented that, because of various lockdowns, they have not yet had chance to pick up their club yellow kit. The kit will be at training on Tuesday nights if you can get along or can be picked up from Bleadon at any-time, please send a mail if you wish to arrange pick up.

London marathon have now put detail on their site of how club places will be allocated over the next 2 years. The allocation will depend on the actions that the 2 people who were allocated the places for 2020 decided to take. We may get 0, 1 or 2 for 2021 and that will determine what we get for 2022. When we know what allocation we have we will arrange the ballot if applicable, subject to criteria as detailed below:

The club will be allocated places by London Marathon depending on the rules and on the number of WAC first claim EA affiliated members as agreed with England Athletics. Last year it was 2 so we are hoping that it may be the same for 2021. The club will hold a ballot to decide who receives the club places, if we only get 1 place the ballot will be open to everybody who meets the criteria below. If we get more than 1 place the ballot for the first place will be between people who meet the criteria and who have not run London before the second and possible subsequent ballot(s) will be between everybody who meets the criteria.

To enter you need to:

1)   Have been a member of WAC prior to 31/3/2020.

2)   Be affiliated to England Athletics during the year 4/20 to 3/21.

3)   Have entered and been rejected from the London Marathon due to take place 3/10/21.

If you wish to enter please forward your rejection email and confirm whether you have run the London marathon before to jimwotton@sky.com