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We promote road and trail running in Weston-super-Mare and the surrounding area. We cater for runners of all abilities and have an active membership of around 350 members. We present a varied programme of training, racing and social events throughout the year.

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New Member


Please extend a warm welcome to new club member Astrid Noordermeer.

New Member


Please give a warm welcome to new club member Tim Atter.

New Members


Please extend a warm welcome to new club members Alexander Thomas and Ross Knox.

New Members


Please extend a warm welcome to new club members; Kerry Donaldson & Samuel Martin.

Tuesday Training 8th Dec 20


The plan for Tuesday 8th will be to meet at 6:50 for 7:00 on the seafront for intervals in groups of 6. It will be vital that the runners in existing groups with Nick, Paul, and Carol, meet at different points close to the Tropicana so that we do not give the impression of one big meeting. This week Carol will not be able to join us and Jason has offered to take the session for the people who normally run with Carol on the front.
Rather than meeting generally in one area along the roadside before splitting into groups please can everybody go directly to your meeting point as soon as you leave your car or arrive on the front.
Those people who normally run with Carol meet Jason in the usual shelter between the Trop and Sealife.
Those people who normally run with Nick please meet Nick by the Sealife centre.
Those people who normally run with Paul Baker please meet him at the South end of the Tropicana.
For everybody else who may have usually run with Sheryl, Katie, Jason, Bill, or me please meet by the shop doorway at the North end of the Tropicana where you will be immediately directed to a group for this week.

New Member


Please welcome Elizabeth Henden our latest new club member.

Suspension of club activities 5th Nov to 2nd Dec 2020


England Athletics confirmed on 4th Nov that in accordance with the government instructions all group club activity will be suspended between 5/11 to 2/12. The suspended activity includes:

• All indoor club group coaching activity • All outdoor club group coaching activity • All indoor track and field competitions • All outdoor competition (track and field, cross country, road, trail, fell and multi-terrain) • All face-to-face coach and officials’ education

The big difference from Lockdown 1 in March is that you can meet one other person from another household in outside open spaces (not home gardens). In addition, you are also allowed to drive short distances (in your own area) to reach a suitable space to exercise.

This will be a real benefit, esp. with the darker nights, enabling you to meet up with somebody else to run with and to arrange to meet and run in locations that you feel safer in e.g. the seafront.

There are full details of the lockdown rules on Gov.uk or the BBC site. There are also various examples of steps you might want to consider to make sure that you are safe running alone or at night on sites such as Runners World, Todays Runner, Wiggle etc.

Hopefully, it will only be the 4-week lockdown period this time, but we suggest that you make early use of the opportunity to make contact and run with somebody else.

New Member


Please extend a warm welcome to new club member; Edward Harvey.

New Members


Please extend a warm welcome to our latest new club members; Tom Green and George Oxley.

New Members


Please extend a warm welcome to new club members; Tony Wilson, Roger Perfect, Sophie Jones and Olivia Elliott.

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Training Diary w/b 18/01/2021

From 4/1/21 We have entered Lockdown 3. This means suspension of all club activity (see more detail on welcome page). It was stated that the position would be first reviewed in late Feb. The one difference to Lockdown 1 is that you are able to exercise with one other person not from your household. Runs should be local with minimal travel to your running area. (see Govt websites for more detail)

Below are suggested sessions for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday that you may wish to attempt on your course and your own time.

Recovery run 5 or 6 miles
Rep/Interval session

See note on fb - Suggest you try fartlek run this week – 5 to 8-mile route with 5 to 10 quicker sections of differing lengths. your place and time, on or off-road do not forget to complete a cool down with stretches to follow.
8:00 Meet
Suggested LSR : Distance, terrain and speed based on current fitness and plans - groups max. 2 (don't forget 2m SD)

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No social events are currently planned.

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No championship events are currently listed.